Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whats Up Newsletter: Breaking Ground recap

Hello and good day,

We would like to extend our gratitude to our friends, artists, and everyone
who came by to spend their Saturday afternoon with us at the garden.

Muchas Gracias!

We had a great time, The weather was warm, the smiles were sweet and the food was tasty.
The energy the Association invested into the event paid for its self thanks to the generosity
of all of the guests and the art show supporters.

The Eldert Street Garden raised a sufficient amount of funds to continue its building
process into the these coming summer months. We can direct some of the earnings
towards legal type things like opening a bank account, beginning the non-profit
Status, et cetera.
The garden can acquire necessary materials to finish the brick path, build a compost bin
and a rain barrel water access system.

And maybe even get a lawn jockey (kidding!)

Also we wish to thank the businesses that contributed supplies and foods
for the Breaking Ground fund raising BBQ/ Art exhibit.
Heres a list of who they are and where they are located,
please stop by and support their establishment if the need arises.

Jazmine Grocery- corner of Irving Ave. and Halsey St.

Food Bazaar- 454 Wyckoff Ave. and Putnam St.

Green Market- corner of Myrtle Ave. and Stephen St.

Parrot Cafe- 58-22 Myrtle Ave. off George St.

Nat Hardware- 576 Wilson Ave. between Covert St. and Decatur St.

The Artists info and photos of the work presented at the Junto Gallery
will be uploaded on a separate posting.

Have a good evening and hope to see you at future Eldert Street Garden events.

Que viva la tierra y la jente de ella!


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