Monday, April 27, 2009

Whats Up Newsletter

Good day from the Eldert Street Garden Association

Want to update everyone reading our blog
with the recent developments of the soon to be Eldert Street Garden.

Since March of this year the vacant and unmaintained lot at 315 Eldert Street in Bushwick Brooklyn has been handed over to the E.S.G. Association for the construction of a community
operated garden.

for the last two months the group of neighborhood volunteers have begun
breaking ground in hopes of establishing a kickass garden where those interested
in growing some flowers, fruits, and vegetables or just want a place to relax and socialize
can do so.

as of April 26th, Thanks to the hard work, good advice, and donations of the volunteers and supporters, the lot is truly showing some improvement.There is now a sweet looking
flower bed in the front and some donated plants (thanks Jose, Nate, AJ, and Nick)
in wooded barrels giving the lot a healthier, active appearance.

We plan to build a brick path stretching all along the left side of the garden
and so far we've managed to carve out a 3 foot by 7o foot trench to get that
path started. (thanks Senator Martin Dilan for the donation towards the tools
and materials and to those who put there backs into it.)

We also recently got our soils health test results and it turns out
the soil has LEAD. 1135 ppm to be technical. which kills my mood
but comes as little surprise. To amend this we plan to apply bio-dynamic
soil healing methods during the coming seasons.
But until then we need to be careful at the garden with children, pets,
and of course ourselves.

If you have any comments or questions about this edition of the Whats Up Newsletter
feel free to do so.

Thanks for your Time and valuable support,

Rodrigo G.
Eldert Street Garden Association


  1. COOL i go to school with jane! the little head off to the right.
    after this weekend i plan on helping out, im just busy with school.

  2. you guys look like you are doing such a great job!